Welcome to Therapeutic Yoga! This is particularly important to those who have suffered injury or illness and are looking for remedy. Therapeutic yoga under guidance, provides for quicker relief from pain or injury through restorative yoga, breathing work, and meditation. Bringing the body back into balance and reducing stress.

Therapeutic Focus:



Back Pain



Flat Feet


High Blood Pressure





Mild Depression

Neck Pain







Work Burn out




Does it really help?

Dr. Uta Engelen says:

While I lived in Antwerp I joined Reetu’s Yoga lessons. Now that I am back in Germany I really miss it. In her lessons I always felt welcome and supported. She integrated all levels and all people having physical difficulties in the postures. She has a vast knowledge about Yoga . I liked to listen to her and getting a better understanding. She was almost always doing different postures every time. Together with the relaxing part at the end (breathing and meditation) the lesson was the absolute perfect balance between physical effort and mental relaxation. I felt so relaxed and grounded afterwards, a feeling – difficult to explain – I was just happy with myself and felt also more strength. Now that I am writing this I just miss it even more.

Jacques de Neef says:

I really like the way the lessons are given. They are specially given with the focus on my back problems. It is exactly what I expect and I love . When I went to India in 2013 I was so happy that all the postures we did I knew from the classes Reetu gave. To finish with breathing and relaxation in combination of a little meditation is so great. Thank you!

Malini Mehta says:

I have started with Reetu since sessions of yoga therapy with her has helped me tremendously with my migraine and has increased my stamina as well…I look forward to every session with her.

Preeti Kothari says:

Reetu's yoga was an eye opener for me, I had learnt and done yoga for many years before I first had my session with her. I thought I knew it well, but only after having had a few sessions with her I realized it was so much more powerful and effective if it was done the way she taught it. She makes sure each ‘Asana’ (posture) is done correctly and explains with ease how it will work to its optimum. Another thing that I really enjoy at her place is the meditation post the intense workout. After an exhausting physical session she takes your mind to a peaceful zone and in less then a few minutes you feel rejuvenated. I have always highly recommended her sessions to all I know.

Stefania FIorini says:

I lived in Antwerp for two years and since the beginning looked for a professional Yoga teacher to practise, in order to avoid pain in my back. After some not enthusiastic experiences, I had the chance to try the professional skill of Reetu and I was really happy! During her lessons she pays attention to the performance of your body, but also introduces you to the cultural background, that Yoga links to every position. I think that it is the best way to practice Yoga, as you become really involved in the lesson. She is also very careful to every individual aspect and she finds the best way to adapt all the exercises to your individual needs. Reetu is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and I suggest to try her lessons to get to know a special sport activity that can help your body and your mind! I will be missing her lessons and my classmates for a long time.

Why Prenatal Yoga?

Shikha Mehta says:

I did prenatal yoga with Reetu and it was an amazing experience! From her muscle toning exercises to the breathing techniques to an extensive relaxation where you could picture the baby in your head was a perfect mix of everything! Thanks to Reetu my labour and delivery was calm & smooth!

Hiteshi Shah-Mehta says:

I’ve been taking private lessons with Reetu all through my 4 pregnancies over the past 10 years. She has motivated me to stay fit, flexible and balanced in my pregnancies which has helped immensely through my last trimesters and with my deliveries. She is very aware of how to alter asanas for pregnancy yoga and also when you have a specific issue, like in my case with a weak lower back. Her yoga lessons have a fine balance between traditional asanas, cardio yoga and mediation through breathing and relaxation. She tailors her class to your specific needs and with her thorough knowledge of yoga and the benefits of each asana, she designs a program for your needs. Yoga is a part of my life style and Reetu has been a great motivation. Thank you Reetu, I always look forward to my yoga lesson with you.

Riddhi Shah says:

REETU'S prenatal class is a must during pregnancy. This is my third pregnancy, my first with REETU and I truly wished I had gone to her before, for my previous pregnancies. I wouldn't think of going through labor without taking her prenatal classes.

The prenatal yoga classes with REETU were exactly what I needed to strengthen me during my pregnancy and help me through my labor. Without the classes, I would have never been strong enough to make it through my natural delivery and push the baby out.

The stretching, breathing and kegel exercises were especially helpful during all stages of labor. It's a wonderful nurturing place that I'd recommend to any pregnant woman.

When you walk into REETU'S studio, you can immediately feel the positive energy, and warmth of the room.

This is partially due to the bright, clean, and warm environment, but mostly do to her caring, calm, and welcoming personality. At the beginning of every class REETU goes around the room asking everybody how they feel and if they have anything they want to work on (i.e. stretching, back pain, sciatica, etc.). She really gets you to connect with your body, your baby and with the people around you. I have found her classes to be both physically and emotionally gratifying-you always leave her studio feeling good. The breathing exercises, and meditation I learned in REETU'S prenatal yoga class helped me get through my natural labor experience.

Thank you REETU for making me feel so good.

Shraddha Mehta says:

After trying several places for prenatal yoga around Antwerp, I found that Reetu catered to my needs the most. Her classes were the perfect combination of exercise, yoga, meditation and spiritual connection to my baby. She proceeded with caution, but also trusted that I knew my body's capacity, so I never found her classes limiting. Would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to stay fit and relaxed throughout their pregnancy!

Sneha Mutha says:

I was travelling a lot through my pregnancy and I've literally done yoga in 3 different countries but nothing was as comforting as REETU'S class. It was tailored to my unique needs in each trimester. She was available to even chat about the pregnancy and challenges around it and always kept me reassured and calm. This may sound like the bizzarest thing ever but honestly, the meditation segment where I was made to visualise my child time and again- I used to think of having a baby with blue eyes. And the unreal part is, my son has those blue eyes that I almost pictured as a joke at her classes (without any genetic backing)!

All in all I cherish my classes with REETU. Thank you for keeping me fit!

Yoga can help your little ones too!

Samia Joly says:

My daughter is following the yoga course since 5 months. She has neuromuscular trouble. Reetu has helped her a lot and I can see the results already. Jasmine is 5 years old. Reetu focuses on her problem totally and makes her do the exercises and stretches in such a playful way that my daughter really enjoys it and looks forward to it every week. I thank her for the work she did with my child and I’m really curious for the future.

Romy Rotman says:

My name is Romy and I am 13 years old. I started yoga with Reetu when I was 12. I love doing yoga because it helps me a lot at school to concentrate. It has also made me calmer. Doing yoga with Reetu is amazing! She always plans an interesting lesson and we always do something different and that is a very special thing.

Saumya Kundal says:

Hi, my name is Saumya. I am 4 years old. I love Reetu’s class as she teaches me yoga the same as what my daddy does. I show it to my friends and they think I am so good. Reetu plays with me and I don’t realize that she is actually making me exercise. I wish when I grow up I am also as flexible as you are . Thank you and love you Reeetuuuu.......

Dhanvi Jogani says:

Hi, my name is Dhanvi and I am 10 years old. I have been doing yoga with REETU aunty for one year now! Thursday is my favourite day of the week because I have yoga. We do so many different exercises and play a lot of games. When we do very well we get a treat! REETU aunty is the calmest person I've ever met. She never shouts at us. She made us make cards with one of our bad habit written on it. For example: being lazy or shouting a lot. Then, we hung it on a small tree. Whenever we think that we haven't done that thing for a week or so, we can remove it from the tree. I used to shout at my sister a lot but with the help of Reetu aunties meditations, I have calmed myself down.


"Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists."